Monday, March 26, 2007

Where did I put those pom poms?

Sock Madness is officially over for me. My opponent finished her pair before I could even finish my first sock. I'm a little disappointed but in all honesty I didn't expect to make it past the first round.

This round's pattern is called Mad-tini and is designed by Karin Bole. It has a really interesting cuff, a neat spiral pattern around the leg, and an Eye of Partridge. It is just challenging enough to be interesting but simple enough that I didn't have to look at the pattern for every single round (once the pattern was established that is).

When the supply list for Sock Madness first came out I ordered some Lisa Souza sport in Earth Birth. Unfortunately with Lisa going to Stitches and then a shipping problem, my yarn didn't get here in time for this round (totally not Lisa's fault). I had ordered some back up yarn just in case and although it got here in time it was really rough on my hands. So I swatched anything in my stash slightly heavier than normal fingering weight and I came up with my Yarn Pirate mernio/tencel in Apple (first picture below). I love that yarn and I love the Mad-tini pattern but not together so once my opponent finished her pair I frogged my sock. It must have been fate because that very same day my Lisa Souza showed up in my mail box! I quickly cast on the Mad-tini again (second picture below) and I am in love!

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