Monday, February 26, 2007

My huge feet

I finished sock number one for my sis this weekend! I'm already past the maple leaf design on sock number two so it's smooth sailing from here. I think the maple leaf looks more like a shell with the yarn I'm using.

The sock looks so much better modeled on a foot..even if it's made for a size 9 and said foot is a size 11. Just imagine that the heel fits properly.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Forward MARCH!!

I was poking around on the LimeNViolet message boards and came across a post about Sock Madness. Basically they are going to send out a series of sock patterns during March Madness and you compete against other knitters to see who can finish first.

Now, I've only been knitting for a few months and I've only just cast on my second pair of socks so what business would a novice like me have signing up for something like this you ask?! If you said, the hubby is out again and I need something to help pass the time you're absolutely correct but more importantly it gives me an excuse to buy more yarn!!

Speaking of my second pair of socks these are for my sis. My digital camera is still MIA so this is taken with my ancient web cam.

Pattern: Maple Sugar Socks
Yarn: Lisa Souza, Can't-Elope

I'm feeling a little limited right now because all of the sock patterns that I've been drooling over call for US1 size needles and the smallest I have are 2s. I ordered a sock needle kit online so hopefully it won't be too much longer. One of these days I'll be able to adapt patterns but that day is not today.

On a side note I have the beginnings of a yarn stash!! I just got my skein of The Kilted One by Miss Lime from the LimeNViolet Etsy shop. I'm still waiting on my Mystical Creations yarn and I just ordered two skeins from Yarn Pirate in Apple and Hydrangea. Pretty huh?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Socks and more sock yarn.

I finished my first pair of socks! I'm pretty happy with them considering I've only knitted scarves and hats before. My digital camera has been MIA since our Super Bowl party so I can't put up any pictures at this time. Hopefully it will turn up soon.

Next on my list, socks for my sister and her daughter. I'll be using Lisa Souza's Can't Elope for my sis and her Berry Poppins for my niece. I still haven't decided on a pattern and the fact that I don't have #1 size dpns is making things a little more difficult. I've ordered a pair but it will be a week or so before they get here and I really don't want to wait that long to start on their socks. I already wound the Berry Poppins into a ball and it looks so pretty!

I also have a skein of Lisa Souza's Mars Quake and Violet's Pink Ribbon that are calling to me. Plus I have some extra squishy yarn that I got for my mom at a yarn shop in Yokosuka that is run by a very sweet elderly lady. She even gave me a free sock pattern when I bought the yarn!! Too bad it's in japanese. It does have a chart but I don't understand the whole chart/diagram thing yet.