Friday, March 2, 2007

What have I done for you lately?

Socks that's what! I finished my sis's socks yesterday! I am so happy to be done with those. They were definitely a learning experience on how to read patterns, mistakes and all. The yarn is Lisa Souza in Can't-Elope. It looks bright orange in this picture but it's really much softer. The pattern is the Maple Sugar Socks.

I finally broke down and bought a new digital camera and wouldn't you know it, less than a week later the old one is found. Where was it do you ask? On top of our dining room hutch hiding behind the molding. I had a couple of my plants up there for the winter and now that it's warming up I decided to move them outside during the day. Had it not been for that I probably wouldn't have found the camera until when we move next spring. Of course now I'm totally in love with the new camera and can't bear to return it. :( Anyways... on with the knitting goodness.

After I finished sis's socks I cast on the socks for my niece (her daughter). Since Sock Madness is so close I decided to do a very basic pattern with k3 p2 ribbing. Let me tell you, I am in L-O-V-E with this yarn! It's Lisa Souza's sock! in Berry Poppins. I was going to try and make two pairs out of it for my niece but now I want to keep the rest of it for myself. I could so make a pair of ankle socks out of it!!

While I'm at it, now that I have not one but two digital cameras I figured I should post a "finished" picture of my very first ever socks. That is Black Pearl (Pearl for short) making sure they are up to snuff. She's our newest rescue kitty. Yes, my husband named her after Jack Sparrow's ship in Pirates of the Caribbean. Sometimes I swear he was a pirate in a past life. I'm tempted to change the spelling of her name to Black Purl. :)

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