Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lucky Snakes

As if I didn't do enough knitting earlier this week for Sock Madness. I've started a pair of Snakes on a Sock...for St. Patrick's Day! The other day I said to myself, "I don't like any of my green clothing so I think I'll knit some green socks to wear instead. I knitted my Mad Cow socks in a few days so I should be able to finish another pair by Saturday. Right?" Umm NO! I've just finished the gusset of sock number 1 and it's Friday afternoon. I guess I'll be wearing them next year.


Melanie said...

wow! You are in Japan?
That is so cool! =)
Good luck next round..wish we did not have to go head to head yet!

~ Miyaka ~ said...

I love the yarn you used for your socks. I made a pair in green too, but yours look better than mine.