Friday, May 18, 2007

Socks and stuff

Told ya I wouldn't learn my lesson. It's been almost a month since my last post. Bad Gnome! Wanna know my excuse? I won't blame my dad this time. Instead I'm pointing all fingers at my Sexy Sailor! He's finally home!! So now that we've established that I'm just a slacker with an excuse let's move on to what I've been knitting. :)

Remember the picture of all my yarn pr0n last month? There was a sock in progress in there and this is what it has become. A beautiful pair! I L.O.V.E this colorway! It's Spring is Here from Spritely Goods. The pattern is Tropicana from MagKnits June 2006. I added some 3x2 ribbing for the cuff. These were also my April submission for Socktopia for the April Showers theme. Blue for the rain, green for the new growth and brown for the mud. :) I'm so clever. Ok forget that part. Onwards!

I just took this off the needles. This is the first sock for a pair for my mom. The yarn is Yarn Pirate's Rain colorway in the Menehune Cobblestones pattern. I think I'll use them for my May Socktopia submission under the Ahoy Mateys theme, since it's Yarn Pirate and they're blue. Either that or.....

These! More Yarn Pirate. This color way is Pretty Pirate and I'm using the Hay-stack pattern.

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