Monday, April 23, 2007

I am my father's daughter

Hi my name is Gnomes and I am a procrastinator. I got that from my dad who used to try and scold me for it but in the end would just say, "Well, you learned from the best." I've neglected my blog for so long that now I have a months worth of blogging to do. That will teach me. Err, no it won't. I am my father's daughter.

April has been a very depressing month and my yarn purchases reflect that. I tried a little retail therapy but unfortunately, retail therapy isn't a long term solution so I was right back at it a couple days later. As guilty as I feel about it let me tell you I scored some great yarn. Before I go into the pr0n I want to share a fabulous experience with you.

Thanks to the enablers over on the LimeNViolet message boards I found my way over to Pick Up Sticks where there was a battle going down for some Sweet Georgia. I had never purchased Sweet Georgia before and after hearing about it on L&V I just had to have some. So in my haste to score some of the coveted yarn I didn't pay attention to the yardage and only grabbed one skein each of Stillwater and Roy. Then someone over on the boards mentioned that you need two skeins for a pair of socks! I ran back to Pick Up Sticks and tried to score some more. I was able to get another skein of Roy but Stillwater was gone. I had to laugh at myself for getting so worked up about yarn so I added a comment with my second order to explain my stupidity. Next thing you know I got an email from Connie offering to send me some Louet yarn to coordinate with my lone skein of Stillwater....FOR FREE! I emailed her back asking her to please add the cost to my order. She responded that she insisted and this way I will have a surprise to look forward to. I can't thank you enough Connie. So all of you that read this blog (all 2 of you) go to Pick Up Sticks and support this fabulous woman! I <3 knitters!

Ok on with the pr0n!
In the bowl:
Back row left to right: Yarn Pirate - Cannon Beach, Yarn Pirate - Shiver Me Timbers, Yarn Pirate - Pretty Pirate, Lorna's Laces - Black Purl, Lorna's Laces - Jeans, Cider Moon - Winter Twilight.
Front row: Regia bamboo - 1062, and hidden in the shadows is Panda Cotton - black
On the chair: Spritely Goods - Spring is Here, Fleece Artist Sea Wool - Midnight, and some Giza Egyptian cotton that I got here in Japan.

As if that wasn't bad enough I still have a couple orders on the way!! There is of course the Sweet Georgia order from Pick Up Sticks and a skein of medium weight Socks that Rock in the Lagoon colorway.

Ok that was a lot of fiber goodness so I think I'm going to hold off on the rest of my updating for a bit. :)

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blue collar grunt said...

If you ever decide to rid yourself of the pretty pirate give me a I've been searching for AGES for this yarn & I cannot find it anywhere. I have a 15yr old daughter and she LOVES this colorway. ENJOY, i've greeeeen with envy :P