Monday, May 28, 2007

Look what I'm making!

Up to this point my blog has been mostly about my knitting. Well that's all about to change. I've always dabbled in various crafts but it wasn't until I started knitting that I really made anything on a regular basis. I guess that got the ball rolling because I'm trying all kinds of new things. So I figured I would share my polycraftual skillz (yes I went there) with the blogging world.

A month or so ago I started taking a pottery class at our base community center. One day I walked into class and sensei brought this catalog/magazine over to me and next thing you know I have this castle. Since I took this picture I've added several rows of windows on both sides. It's ready to be fired and should be waiting for me to glaze at the next class. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it didn't crack!


knitting dragon said...

Very Cool - it's nice to see someone else that is polycraftual too!

Ashley said...

Love the Tower! Polycraftual knitters unite! (we totally need a button)

Yardgnomes said...

A polycraftual button would be fabulous!!