Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I've been a bad girl

This is what happens when my Sexy Sailor goes out to sea for extended periods of time. I buy yarn, and lots of it! As if this isn't bad enough.... there's more on the way! I have three more skeins of Yarn Pirate on the way, one skein from Spritely Goods, and one skein from the LimeNViolet Etsy store!! Oh and three out of those five are mostly blue! PLUS, I'm going to a 5 floor craft store tomorrow with some friends. Where one entire floor is dedicated to needle crafts. I'm hoping to score some local hand painted yarn for myself and my Magic Yarn Ball swap partner.

After tomorrow I am so going to have to go on a yarn diet.


Sockergirl said...

hey, yardgnome. I saw you from across the room at sock madness. I have now chosen to be out since I was not fond of the pattern this round. So I will sit with you here along the sidelines.
I see your in Japan at Yokosuka. Are there any knitting groups in the Tokyo area? What's your big Yarn shop? Why do I ask? Well, I will be studying in Japan in the fall. I know I will be near Shinjuku or Shinbashi weekly. As time gets closer, maybe we can meet at Starbucks and make a scene kntting in public. :)

Roxanne said...

Yowza...that's a lot of sock yarn! Nice collection! :)