Monday, November 1, 2010


The first of (hopefully) many homemade costumes.

He was supposed to be a muskateer but ended up looking more like a little prince or knight. Since we only made two trick-or-treat stops I guess it really doesn't matter. The important part is that the costume had a cape because of this....

He kept bringing the blanket to his daddy and whinning. Finally Mr. Gnome wrapped the blanket around his shoulders and sure enough that made him happy. We safety pinned the blanet and he ran around like that for the rest of the night.

Mr. Gnomes and I didn't have costumes this year but we did carve a couple pumpkins.

I found the Hello Kitty pattern here. It was fun hearing the trick-or-treaters outside our window talking about my pumpkin. Mr. Gnome's pumpkin had a couple fans too.


Little Foots said...

Your pumpkins turned out great and congratulations on your first Halloween Costume! Thank you for linking back to my blog. Happy Halloween!

Megs said...

What exactly is Mr. Gnomes pumpkin supposed to be?? And the little muskateer is darling!