Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A fresh start

Life has been challenging these last two years and I am in serious need of a creative outlet. I stopped blogging not too long after discovering Ravelry but I fully intended to return.

Then life had to go and get all crazy. Long story short (with a long run on sentence)....we left Japan, moved to California, found out we were expecting, found out hubby received orders to Iraq and was leaving for a year, decided to buy a house in Iowa so I could be near family while prego and after delivery, hubby broke his hand, it required surgery so his orders got cancelled, baby DA came 6 weeks early, spent two and half weeks in NICU with our son, hubby had to return to San Diego for three months and then go to Iraq, moved DA and I to San Diego so we could all be together in a little studio apartment, found a hole in hubby's retina during pre-deployment screening, orders got cancelled, we were stuck in a studio apartment for 7 instead of 3 months, hubby got orders to Illinois for 4 months so we moved back to Iowa, now we're back in San Diego, this time in a 2 bedroom and with a year to go. I'm taking college classes online in order to (finally) finish my AA degree and plan to graduate in the fall. Then its on to the big bad BA! Hubby is up for orders in January and by June we'll be on our way to somewhere new. Phew! Did ya catch all that? Dizzy? I am!

DA just a day old

DA now

Now that life is settling into a sort of routine I've decided it's time to start blogging again. I'm still knitting along although not as much as I used to. Having a toddler in the house limits my craft time and I've also taken up sewing again. My hopes are that this blog can serve as a place to organize the endless projects I want to create.

So while I gather my thoughts, yarn, fabric, and camera go check out a sweet Flirty Apron give away over at Sumo's Sweet Stuff.

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