Monday, September 10, 2007

Howdy Stranger

I've been gone for a while. Work has been keeping me busy and my knitting is suffering. I've had to frog a few projects because I had forgotten where I was in the pattern.

Wave good-bye to Pirate Haystack and Bellatrix. The pretty pirate is back in my stash waiting for a new purpose in life. Bellatrix was only ripped back to the cuff and has been reincarnated as Eleanor.

I think this pattern is a much better fit for this yarn. That's Fleece Artist Sea Wool in the Midnight color way.

In addition to Eleanor currently on the needles is Molly. Might I add this is my first attempt at cables?!

Speaking of knitting firsts. I did my first ever toe-up sock!! This is Phineas in Regia bamboo #1062. I've got some major second sock syndrome going on with this one. There's just too many new projects I want to start.

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