Thursday, September 9, 2010

As promised

Just a quick post to show my latest projects.

The first was supposed to be a small bag for me to use when I don't want to carry my big "mom bag" but it I'm just not feeling it. So I think this will be one of the first items to go up in my etsy shop (once I have enough items to make a decent inventory).

This is the pretty bag pattern from this etsy shop.

I chose this fabric because it was similar to the example on the pattern but in the end I just didn't dig it.

Maybe someone else will.

I made the inside pocket larger than the pattern called for and added a second section.

This is the half-moon handbag from this etsy shop.

I decided to use the main fabric for the inside pocket and I love the result. I think this bag will be going into my etsy shop too. I like it but I have another fabric in mind for my own. I'm making a small zipper pouch with this same fabric, also intended for my shop.

Alrighty, back to homework. Once my husband is done with his chief games I'll bring back "what to make Wednesday" but in the mean time I am working on photographing my fabric stash. At least the stash that I have here in San Diego with me. :)

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