Monday, January 29, 2007

How it all began

Back in November I decided to learn how to knit. I went to the local hundred yen store (like a dollar store) and bought a pair of needles and some yarn. With yarn and needles in hand I sat down at my computer and searched for all there is to know about knitting. I came across and quickly learned the basics.

After many trips to the frog pond I finished my first scarf. It is a chunky drop stitch monstrosity that I recently mailed home to my mother back in Iowa who complimented it in ways only a mother can. Since then I have knitted 3 more scarves and 3 hats (I frogged one of those too).

Then in early January I found the wonderful world of LimeNViolet. *insert angel chorus here* Since I don't have a local yarn shop or SnB to draw inspiration from these ladies quickly became my tour guides through the realm of fiber goodness. I had listened to other knitting podcasts and while they are pleasant and informative there is just something about these two ladies that drew me in.

So here I am attempting to knit my first pair of socks while drooling over Lisa Souza's yarn and checking out as many knitting blogs as I can find. At this point I decided I should jump on the band wagon and join the bloggers. If nothing else it will be a way to remember what I have done so far, what I am working on, and what I want to achieve.

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